Monday, July 26, 2010

Home again, Home again...Spring break in Virginia!

We went to Virginia/Pennsylvania for our vaca this year...courtesy of mom and dad. :) First stop was to my sister's house. It was SO pretty there. She thinks she lives in the country and doesn't really like it, but I thought it was great! They had a nice big yard for the kids to play in - loved it! Other then our little run in with about 20 was nice to be there and see my sister's family again.

Baby Q and baby Emmy just hanging out.

The older kids decided to roast marshmellows inside - looks yum!

We went to a fun play place in Baltimore and I was so impressed that Brie was willing to get up and do some kereoki - usually she is so shy, but she did great!

When my sister's oldest son was a baby, I used to spike his hair all the time. So I just HAD to do it to baby Q! :) He has SO much long hair, it worked out better then it used to on Kaden. Check out this rocker's new hair style!

This takes some serious skill. Way to go mom! :)

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